Catherine Krause, BS, PHN

Catherine Krause is a well-known speaker, writer, and consultant on management and organizational planning. Formerly a Regional Vice President for Community Health for a major health corporation and a former director of a multi-service home health organization, she has over 30 years of experience. She is an expert in the management of people and in the development of leadership skills…Read More

Jerry Krause, Ph.D.

Jerry Krause, Ph. D. is a Sociologist who specializes in community development, he is former director of the Center for Applied Social Analysis and Education (CASAE) at Humboldt State University and has developed a distinctive style of participation with stakeholders in evaluating programs to promote organizational learning…Read More

Noah Harris, MAOMD

Noah Harris is a multi-lingual (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian) professional with a career reflecting over 18 years of operations, training, management, leadership, and consulting experience in a range of industries including: U.S. Department of Defense, business development, risk management/loss prevention, logistics, education and non-profit.…Read More

Kara Krause, MA

Kara Krause is a multilingual professional with a background in sociology, human resources management, speech and intercultural communication. She has authored professional training programs, and collaborated with community-based, non-profit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area…Read More

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"Shamana assists individuals, groups, organizations, and communities to reach their highest potential by using inter-generational and interdisciplinary ideas and engaging in conversations that have meaning and that focus on collaborative approaches."

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"Shamana aids individuals, groups, organizations, and communities to strategically and collaboratively create healthy communities that positively impact the world at large."

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