Within the seven categories below, Shamana, Inc. provides the following services: strategic management, business strategy and planning, human resources management, outplacement/career counseling, organization development, social research & program evaluation, and community outreach.

I. Strategic Management

  • Organizational Assessment: Assessing an organization/business’s core processes/services on a strategic level, and offering recommendations and resources for improvements/efficiencies/savings.
  • Web-based training (webinars):  Providing educational resources/tools, and best practices including, but not limited to, the focus areas above to help clients maximize their organizational/business systems.
  • Working with stakeholders to create agreed upon program theories and logic models, leading to plans for evaluating outcomes and a culture valuing evidence-based practices.
  • Integrate the recruitment and retention process with strategic growth and the strategic management process
  • Assess performance management system to ensure alignment with the business strategy
  • Providing advice and guidance regarding the overall strategic direction, planning, structuring and control of an organization.
  • consulting on development of mission, values, vision and goals
  • Facilitation of group process to create and design a strategic plan
  • Linking personal values into the organization’s values and knowing the difference
  • Goal review and update to strategic plans
  • Clarification of roles with key leaders

II. Business Strategy and Planning

  • Share Tools/Ways of how to use HR as Business Partner vs. Traditional HR
  • Working with Boards of Directors to assist them in understanding their role in the organization
  • Helping the Board differentiate between operations and governance
  • Working with organizations on change strategies and transformation actions
  • Differentiate planning and action
  • Assisting leaders to work with Boards
  • Supporting organizational change strategy development
    • Employee engagement initiatives
    • Training and development strategies
  • Setting up participatory planning and evaluation processes with stakeholders

III. Human Resources Management

  • Design diversity and inclusion programs for organizations
  • Share and/or provide recruitment & retention Best Practices
  • Create and/or review personnel policy manuals
  • Review and offer feedback to performance evaluation process
  • Provide advice and guidance related to compliance with federal and state programs, such as EEO/Affirmative Action; immigration
  • Conduct HR audits (Personnel Files, I-9 documents, etc)
  • Conduct or outsource unlawful harassment prevention Training (AB 1832)
  • Employee training on leadership and management skills
  • Employee training on wellness and importance of staying healthy on the job
  • Surveying and analysis of information collected from groups such as  employees to establish relevant issues/needs of organization
  • Facilitate evidence-based practices to improve member retention and engagement, translate theory and research on this to aid the “frontline” work being done by other Shamana partners

IV. Outplacement/Career Counseling

  • Career Development Services include:
    • Coach on career direction planning & focus
    • Format and assist with resume review and building
    • Teach interviewing skills
    • Connect clients to a vast network of work opportunities
  • Providing workshops and  seminars focused on both transformation and change
  •  Facilitating retreats or workshops focused on Empowerment in the workplace
  • Iopt counseling to assist employees to understand their contribution and  value within the team
  • Job analysis/comparisons to actual job description
  • Use of life transition theory/research

V. Organizational Development

  • Conduct training on effective organizational communication
  • Analyze communication of the organization
  • Conduct training on cultural sensitivity and diversity awareness
  • Providing analysis and feedback regarding the integration of organizational values within plans
  • Staff training using the tool Iopt to assist in organizing teams within departments
  • SWOT analysis facilitation
  • Translational use of network analysis

VI.Social Research & Program Evaluation

  • Assessing and monitoring program outcomes
  • Social research methodologies: surveys (interview and questionnaire; random sample and key informant;  telephone and face-to-face; forced-choice questions and open-ended questions), experimental methods,  content analysis,  focus group interviewing, participant observation

VII. Community Outreach

  • Facilitation of community forums to identify issues or impacts
  • Facilitate the process of community asset mapping
  • Asset-Based Community Development.  Allows stakeholders such as community groups, minority groups, employees, investors, etc., to work towards getting what they need based on mapping and mobilizing community assets.


Our Mission

"Shamana assists individuals, groups, organizations, and communities to reach their highest potential by using inter-generational and interdisciplinary ideas and engaging in conversations that have meaning and that focus on collaborative approaches."

Our Vision

"Shamana aids individuals, groups, organizations, and communities to strategically and collaboratively create healthy communities that positively impact the world at large."

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